Thar Integrated Social Development Society (TISDS) is a Jaisalmer based non-governmental organisation working actively to address regional ecological issues since 1994. The organisation has achieved enormous success in the field and is working to promote sacred groves, traditional rainwater harvesting systems and better land management practices.

Jaisalmer District falls bang on the famous Thar Desert which spreads across Western India up to the national border with Pakistan, giving it a strategically crucial importance and making it very significant from the point of view of national security. However, although the district one of the largest in Rajasthan based on landmass, it has largely been overlooked in terms of development. This is especially true in the remote, far flung village of the district which need urgent attention.

It is in this context that a group of more than 15 students, studying to complete their secondary school education and residing in a hostel in Jaisalmer town, came together in 1983 at an impressionable age, to think and act for the overall development of Jaisalmer district with a focus on environmental issues related to forest, water and land conservation.

This group of students gradually kept in touch with each other and in 1994 they felt the need to emerge as a group which could formally address the concerns it had been discussing and disseminating to one another as well as to others in Jaisalmer town. This necessitated the group to register them as the "Thar Integrated Social Development Society (TISDS)" under the Rajasthan Registration of Organization Act, 1958. TISDS has been functioning as a formal organization since April 1994 and its based in Jaisalmer town.

TISDS realizes that the geographical location and the tough terrain of the desert is been one of the main reasons for the backward status of the Jaisalmer district. This is also the reason of a general apathy from the government and various authorities towards the urgent and basic priorities of the district like drinking water, health and education. TISDS is working to ensure an overall and sustainable development of the district despite such hardships.


1. Environment Preservation and Biodiversity Conservation.

2. Ecological Restoration and Ecological Development with an Organic Approach.

3. Protection & Promotion of Traditional Rain Water Harvesting Systems.

4. Conservation of ORAN (Sacred Groves) & Pastureland and Animal Welfare in Desert.

5. To Promote Eco Tourism As Sustainable & Responsible Tourism.

6. Preservation of Local Art.

7. Creation and Strengthening of Indigenous Cultural Centre.

8. Awareness Programme on Various Social, Environment, Health and All Issues Concerning Human Life.