Welcome to CTK Guest House at village Manpiya , Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Centre for Traditional Knowledge Guest House and cultural centre

The CTK Guest House is situated on the banks of the legendary Kakriver in the Thardesert of western Rajasthan, one of the world's most magnificent, tranquiland unique places.

TheThar desert, bordered by the legendary cities of Jaisalmer and Bikaner is home to a variety of rare plants, animals and desert folk, celebrated for their colourful traditions, handicrafts, art, music and way of life. The spectacular fort city of Jaisalmerhas seen a welcome rise in tourism over the past decades, vital for the local economy. But tourism brings both advantages and disadvantages to the environment and peoples of this magical region. For a variety of reasons, some cultural, others ecological, the desert dwellers face an uncertain future.

Continued and unprecedented levels drought and regional economic hardship have led to a rise in the number of poor people in and around Jaisalmer, while the global pressures of consumerism and modernization have diverted the enthusiasms of many young people away from the skills and knowledge which are essential to survive and thrive in this most unique environment. Tourism presents a much-needed solution to the economic problem, but it is essential that it must be managed holistically and sensitively for the benefit and enjoyment of visitors and the local population

The Centre for Traditional Knowledge (CTK) was formed to address the problem of preserving and sustaining traditional crafts, skills and cultures amongst the desert dwellers of Rajasthan whilst providing an income by satisfying the needs and curiosity of eco-sensitive tourists to this unique area. The stakes are high: once gone, the lifestyles and livelihoods of those living in and around the Jaisalmer desert area cannot be replaced.

The aim is to build a better tourism model in Jaisalmer which benefits local people and encourages and helps them to preserve a unique culture and traditional skills and artistry. The good news is that the dream has become a reality with the new CTK Desert Guest House Village. By choosing to spend time at CTK you can benefit from an absolutely superb eco-tourist experience secure in the knowledge that you are making a positive difference which will benefit everyone in this endangered region.

Success will breed success. CTK and other like-minded eco-sensitive tourism providers will show the way for others to make tourism a win-win experience.

The CTK guest house complex is composed of traditional huts made of local materials and painted with natural pigments by local artisans. Currently up to 12 persons can lodge comfortably in four huts, with plans to add further dwellings as funds expand. However the CTK project is carefully designed to have a neutral effect on the local ecosphere, so your stay will be anything but crowded and cramped!

CTK experts are renowned for their understanding of water conservation and harvesting, so it is not surprising that the complex is self-sufficient in water. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to see and understand the adaption of the desert people to the lack of water.

Photo of CTK Guest House